Discovered awesome trail in Peterborough that I must have passed by scores of times thinking it was just a flatlander hike…actually a fairly steep trail off of Sand Hill Road and an awesome view of Monadnock at top.  Took about 45 huffin and puffin minutes to scramble up and about the same coming down. Bonus points for seeing only one other hiker during the roughly 2 hours I was on trail.   As I get back into shape, it also offers the option of getting to Pack Monadnock another 2 miles away.

Ok, we have covered the mundane whatever…on with the blog.  Music is making a comeback into my life…played piano with Sam tonight and it was just fucking glorious…he was on electric me on baby G.  The sound we created was just awesome…heals my soul. I think that is in part what art is mostly about…at the very least it is certainly capable of it…listening to Sam play the moonlight sonata thru the electric with choir and grand piano was incredible …beyond words really. beautiful!

I used to have dreams of being a drummer on stage within an amazing piece of music…love the percussion of it.