There is no point to writing…nobody cares.  But maybe it will help me, it, the Muse will tell me what to say and I might listen.  Today is April 19th, 2017.  I never thought that I would actually be alive today and so anything that comes is a bonus now.  Is that ok to look at things this way.  My last dream of the night was at the grocery store and I bought some sausage and then went to the checkout counter only to find that there was a tennis tournament going on.  I did not see anyone there that I recognized.  Julia, the former deli lady at the Coop had been there in the store to tell me about the sausage but then she disappeared.

Well, so far I have not mentioned anything about Hiroshima and the Muse at least, as my only reader, is probably wondering why I would want to talk about the H bomb or was it the A bomb.  I actually don’t know what was in it, just that it fell from the sky and instantly killed a lot of people.  I am not sure if TV had been invented yet or how people found out about it or what exactly happened.  I was not even born yet, so why should I care.

I am reading the Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut and loving it.  This is me eating a chocolate bar and choking.  Bill actually took the photo noticing the juxtaposition of the Breathe Easy sign behind me.  You can see his Copyright on the image and so I did not really have to tell you that.  I am not doing social media anymore and definitely not eating chocolate in front of the Coop with Bill there with his camera.  This part of me went down with Hiroshima 68 years after I was born.20170317145439_IMG_8173-02