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Goodbye World

…or as the song used to go – Goodbye cruel world, I am off to join the army, etc.   And so I am not interested in the world, at least not yet…and do I have much to worry about in this regard anyway…I mean, who is going to even read this (if you do, please make a comment so that I know you were here)…it feels a bit like creating a time capsule to send off into space, or a message in a bottle…someday in some distant galaxy or some distant time, someone will bump into this mess of digital nausea and will be ever grateful etc. etc.  But for now, this is just my second step.


All things begin with that first step…my intent is to use this space to place ideas worth thinking about, and all sorts of other stuff that seems interesting that I would like to keep.  But first I need to learn how to use this thing…like what happens when I finish this…where will it go and what will it look like…what do I click on to finish it even?